About Us

” A True Photograph need not to be Explained, nor can it be contained in words ” – ANSEL ADAMS

14462871_1793986014155608_8390542662166952628_nIt is rightly and loudly said, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, but we think if that is a wedding picture then they are not more than that.

Anybody can flash a picture, but only a few can capture a right moment, which have love, passion, promise, memory, emotions and happiness. That’s what makes the picture timeless & ageless.

STUDIO PHOTOCRAFT PRODUCTIONS specialized in Luxurious  Wedding Photography, Destination Weddings and Cinematography. It was founded by Mr. Shreekant Prakash Masurekar whose passion is to capture one of the most beautiful moments in your life and help you treasure it for eternity. Each and Every wedding we cover is unique and distinctive. We capture photos in candid as well as documentary style, the emotions, Story,  Gossip, Drama, Style, Rhythm, Love, Ceremonies, Portraits, Details, Decor and everything else under the sun, that is part of your wedding !

Studio Photocraft Productions have captured wedding events as well as several types of events, baby shoots, engagement, parties, reception, religious functions, naming ceremonies etc.

We provide our clients with very skilled and unique style in image making. Our mission is to maintain quality and produce more and more creative ideas.

Giving our clients the best moments of their life captured in our photography. We call ourselves TEAM PHOTOCRAFT to think beyond imagination.