• Number of photograph are depend on budget & availability
  • We do not provide raw files to clients
  • We provide photos for selections to client as well as Album design for approval
  • 25% Advance at booking, Balance on event. Order once placed, Cannot be cancelled. Advance is non refundable.
  • Photocraft crew uses professional cameras, if you want to confirm camera specifications, ask while booking only
  • Photocraft crew are well trained. Please do not interrupt them during work, only make them aware about event
  • Photocraft crew are strictly restricted to have alcohol, please do not offer them to have  it
  • At least 20 Portraits of wedding couple are necessary for beautiful album, please co operate
  • Photocraft will click 150% of finalised estimate photos & will give for selection for album
  •  To cover full Barat & Haldi Event after 12 pm we will charge Rs 5000 per hour
  • After Selection, Album will be delivered in 15 to 20 days and DVD will be delivered in 30 days
  • Studio photocraft productions have copy rights on all photos clicked by them and they could be uploaded on their website